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Doc’s Examines Line Moves In Football Betting

The wager is usually a percentage of bankroll but could also be a fixed dollar amount. An even-money sports bet is listed as +100 or -100 in a sportsbook. Unlike traditional -110 wager, there’s no vigorish paid to the sportsbook. A bettor risks $100 to win $100 instead of wagering $110 to win $100. Decimal Odds – This is a different way to present odds than Americans are used to. They’re sometimes called “European odds” since this is how odds are listed with European sportsbooks.

When they place their bets, the odds makers pay attention because those are the players that win for a living. Although the goal of the sportsbook is still to get 50/50 action on both sides, sharp money is weighed more heavily into the equation than the public. Usually, the public bets on games progressively so the books rarely have to move the line in a big way. In the case of movement to -5 or -6, it means that the smart money is coming in heavy on the favorite. On the flipside, the movement to -3 or -2 shows that there is a ton of action on the underdog.

So, regardless of where the betting volume is concentrated, bookmakers will usually use the betting patterns of the sharps as they adjust the line. And in a lot of cases, bookmakers can rely a lot on the betting patterns of these sharps before they move the line. The line movement practices described above are fairly basic and understandable by most betters. But in the real world of sports-betting, the trends aren’t always so simple. With more intense betting situations, you don’t get an even distribution of bets.

While this may seem like a big drop off, profits are actually higher in betting reverse lines in baseball because you get that extra value on the underdog. In football and basketball, the majority of the bets come in on the spread, where you usually see both sides at -110 juice. By using the moneyline in said parlays, again, you’re not dealing with the potential disappointment of your favored team winning but failing to cover. Another advantage to moneyline bets is the fact that you can start to develop a sharper eye for when good betting values present themselves.

So, there’s a minimum amount of profit, or ‘juice’ as it’s known, that’s almost guaranteed for the sportsbook irrespective of the game’s outcome. If identified correctly, a bettor can take advantage of this situation and place bets wisely for a profitable win. The line has moved in the reverse direction, which may lead amateur bettors to continue to load up on the favorite.

It’s even better when you’re not combining together games. That said, you can get lucky on a live bet and nail an underdog at astronomical odds — say something like +1300. There are so many moving parts in a live situation, and you’re best suited to just do your research beforehand and make a decision prior to the game starting. In this situation, sports bettors trade off a decreased margin for error with better odds and a higher payout. The fewer heavy favorites you mix into a clustered bet like this, the more earning potential your parlay bet has. Only in parlays should heavily favored teams with moneylines that are something like -250 or shorter be considered.

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