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What Does Sharp Mean In Sports Betting?

Instead, you can engage in what’s known as line shopping to find the odds that align closer to your liking. The former could open up at 3.5 points at release, but be pushed down to 2.5 by kickoff. Meanwhile, a total could open up at 51 points and wind up at 52.5 when all is said and done. Run Line – This is a point spread of sorts for baseball games based on the number of runs scored.

That may mean that the betting trends will easily skew towards a specific team for a large number of casual betters. Watching line movement is something that one must incorporate into their daily baseball handicapping duties if their serious about winning at baseball betting. While it is important to keep an eye on line changes, it should not however be the only variable one uses to handicap a game.

If a line moves half-a-point, that’s a small move and is quite unlikely to affect the outcome of the bet. If it moves 2.5 points, it’s more likely to affect the outcome. And, if it moves on to, off of, or over a key number, then the chances increase even more. Oddsmakers initially set a line based on where they think it should be based on their goals. Notice that I did not say that they set the lines based on what they think is the “fair” or “right” line.

Keeping an eye on key numbers in NFL line movement is a good idea. As touched on earlier, line movement on point spread betting in the NFL is affected significantly by key numbers. The basic idea of the line moving depending on the money placed on either side of the bet is the same regardless of sport.

The odds are also more reliable because there are no middle-players in between. The readings are available in real-time so you can track all movements any time. The basic idea here is to level out the bets in a more balanced manner so that bookmakers have guaranteed earnings regardless of whether Team A or Team B wins. The squares are ordinary betters who don’t enjoy the same expertise as bookmakers and sharps. On the other hand, sharps are those betters who have specialized knowledge about the particular sport along with a host of associated information. There are even instances where the betting volume can exceed the expectations of the bookmakers.

In this example, the Patriots are clear favorites for the game, so they’re given a handicap of -6.5. This means New England must win by at least 7 points for the bet to win. Also known as betting the spread or handicap betting, point spreads make things equal for both teams in a matchup. To fully understand what PK is, you need a firm grasp of point spread bets. We at value you, our bettors, and want you to enjoy several betting options. What follows will explain how a game becomes a PK, especially in the NFL and NHL, and how to bet on pick’ems.

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