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How To Bet On Sports

They take their percentage of the total wager and walk away knowing they’ve already won. For example, let’s say that 60% of the money is on New England and only 40% is on Green Bay. However, respected bettor Billy Walters places a bet on New England. The sportsbooks may then decide to either keep the line where it is or even move the line in New England’s favor. They understand that sharps win in the long run, so trusting them is a good strategy.

Online sportsbooks are all privy to all of their bettors betting history. As such, they know which accounts likely belong to “sharps,” or professional bettors. Usually, the sharps have a higher volume of bets as well as a sizeable bankroll to back their accounts up. However, to remain profitable, sportsbooks want to encourage equal betting action on both sides of a wager. When betting action is imbalanced, sportsbooks will engage in line movement to either encourage, or discourage, bettors from placing wagers on different sides of wagers.

How they’ll tangibly demonstrate this trust them is to adjust the betting line based on who they are betting on and not necessarily on where the overall money is on a game. The Nuggets are big moneyline and 3.5-point home favorites in a game that’s expected to be relatively high-scoring. After the lines are released, the public weighs in and more money comes in on the Jazz side of the equation.

The Chiefs allowed juw5 three 300-yard passing performances all season and have allowed 215 aerial yards per game in their two playoff games. I’d be leaning UNDER on any total above 297 passing yards in this prop. As a side note, I’m also very intrigued by Brady -160 to throw one interception. Like I said in the divisional round as well as the AFC Championship game, it’s simply impossible to pick against Kansas City on the moneyline.

As such, when they load up on one side, oddsmakers have reason to believe that that side is more likely to win, so they’ll adjust lines accordingly. The most likely reason for reverse line movement is that the unpopular side is drawing a lot of action from sharp bettors. As you become more comfortable with line movement you will start finding more spots to bet the middle, or hedge your bets using live betting. Line movement most commonly occurs when the large majority of the money in a bet is on one side. Deepening on the patterns of change, line movement can tell you a lot about how the general public is leaning, and how the sharp money is leaning.

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