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How to Write a Global Warming Essay

Do you know how to develop an effective global warming essay? Most people have heard of the encyclopedias and books, but few have taken the time to create their own. If your teacher did not offer a suggested list of topics to write on, you should do so yourself. Ideally, your essay should be very focused, because this will enable you to show off your critical and analytical thinking skills. For instance, you may write about global warming impacts and causes or discuss national debates about environmental protection…

The first step is to decide what you want your global warming essay to achieve. Some of the most common targets are to: inform readers, encourage debate, encourage political action, present a scientific fact, show the results of current research and/or forecast future results, outline a solution to a problem or promote a new theory. Depending on your goals, your essay could also have many different types of conclusions or implications. Remember, the essay is for you, not your teacher. You determine the outcome!

Now that you have decided what your global warming essay will accomplish, it’s time to brainstorm some questions or issues that you will address in your paper. Although it is a good idea to start out with broad themes such as environmental issues or the impact of global warming, there are many people who are concerned with one specific aspect of global climate change. This can include fisheries, polar bears, desert zones, coral reefs and so on. The topic should center around the number of people that are affected by the problem or what could happen if something is done about it.

Now that you know what you’re going to write and what your global warming essay is supposed to do, it’s time to begin thinking about the details. In the introduction section of your essay, use your thesis statement to expand on your topic. Tell your audience what the main consequences would be if global warming happens. For instance, if you’re writing a 1 page paper, your main consequences could be melting ice caps or rising sea levels.

Once you’ve explained your main ideas, explain what you did to support them with real world examples. For instance, if you’re arguing that melting ice caps will cause catastrophic climate change, include data from scientists that indicate that this is indeed possible. Also, explain what you did to stop global warming. If you’re promoting solutions to the problem of global warming, include data showing that alternative energy sources are already helping us cut down on our carbon footprint. If you’re focusing in on a single political cause, explain how your own voting records are being influenced by it.

Finally, polish off your global warming essay with an attention-grabbing headline. The best ones are those that are a little tongue-in-cheek but still make a point. One good example would be “A Global Warming Article!” Such a headline shows that you know you’re covering an important environmental issue and that your research should be considered credible. Additionally, it’s likely that your reader will remember you and your link when they see it elsewhere on the internet.

Writing a solid global warming essay is about presenting data, using that data to argue a particular point, and then backing up your claims with citations and references to scientific journals and other sources. You need to keep it simple. The fewer words you have to fill in, the more likely it is that you’ll remember to say something meaningful. Don’t worry too much about being exact. An abundance of details is only likely to make your essay look disorganized and carelessly written.

A solid global warming issue essay is one that makes a strong case for why global warming is real and harmful to our environment. If you can manage to pull all of these aspects off without going off track too much, then you’ve done a terrific job. As the essay is your statement of purpose, you must take time to prepare and not get sidetracked. Keep your focus and you’ll do well.

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