Essay or dissertation about World Increased temperatures – Brings about as well as Solutions

Global Warming Essay by Michael Shellenbach

A recent global warming essay written by environmentalist and writer Kevin Costner has caused a sensation among people of all ages, genders, and creeds. If you want to know what this essay is about, continue reading this article. It will enlighten you on the topic of global warming and help you understand it better.

The global warming essay was written by Kevin Costner, who is an environmentalist and writes for a number of online and print publications. He has also written scripts for movies and commercials. Global Warming then becomes the topic of his latest book, called, “Inconvenient Truth: The Truth About Global Warming and Energy”. It is a must read for those who believe in global warming and those who do not.

The global warming essay was released in April of 2009, and was written as a critique of another book written by Costner, called “The Great Glacier”, which was about the shrinking glaciers around the world. The book came out just before the Copenhagen agreement was reached in December of 2009. This is when world leaders came together to create the Global Warming Solutions Act to put a stop to global warming once and for all.

The global warming essay examines the reasons why global warming has occurred, how to stop it, and what can be done to save the planet from further deterioration. Costner also takes a strong stand against the consumption of fossil fuels. He states that we have already over mined the Earth’s natural resources and we have to stop now before our environment deteriorates even more. He also discusses the importance of the clean energy and how it can save the world from further deterioration.

The global warming essay was published as a critique of “The Silent Truth” by William Reeser. Reeser’s book discussed the effects of the global warming and how it was not being discussed. According to the author, he could not get anyone to read his book because it was too controversial. The global warming essay received a lot of attention after President Obama gave his speech on his presidential campaign website. This is when Obama stated that the United States would not only act quickly towards global warming but also towards dealing with other issues that affect our environment. The writer claims that Obama’s speeches gives hope to people who are going through similar situations and he states that it is important to write down these experiences so that people can see that solutions exist.

Another part of the global warming essay is a quote by Thomas Edison. He states that, “The problem of man’s difficulty in mastering Nature’s Laws does not arise from his weakness or ignorance of his necessities, but rather from his intelligence and courage to use his powers for good.” The writer states that when you look at these quotes and compare them to the current problems that have been faced, you will realize that the solution lies in solving the problems of the common man and this is done by Obama’s government. The writer makes a very good point when he says that we should look to the past and find inspiration from it. He also mentions George Washington and Abraham Lincoln as people who were leaders of their times and they were also able to solve major issues that faced their time.

In the end of the global warming essay, the writer states that we need to focus on clean energy if we want to save the world. The writer encourages us all to go online and search for clean energy sources such as solar and wind power. He also encourages people to invest in these sources and also to start their own businesses in the clean energy sector. This will ensure that no one is left out and that everybody has a chance to benefit from these sources of energy.

It is a fact that some global warming essays are very well written and contain correct information. However, most of these global warming essays do not contain accurate information. As a matter of fact, there are more number of global warming denialists out there than advocates of the environment. It is up to us to find the truth and spread awareness about the problems faced by the environment and help save our planet.

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