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Global Warming Essay

Anyone who has read a recent global warming essay has no doubt read something that is sharply political in tone. There are those who take a strong stance and believe that man is causing global warming and there are those who are very doubtful about man’s contribution. Many of these essays attempt to answer the question, “is global warming real?” But, what is really being agreed upon? You have to play and get great bonuses in slots no deposit win real money here. Don’t miss your chance to become more rich.

Global Warming – Everybody has heard of the term global warming, however how is this global phenomenon being defined? To some people, global warming simply is the gradual increase of the Earth’s temperature off of a slight excess of Carbon Dioxide being dumped into the air. Others are quick to point out that natural fluctuations, such as El Nino and cycles in the Moon’s orbit, also play a large part in global warming. The main argument about man’s role in global warming falls on a point of view that blames human activity for the increase in Earth’s temperature, while those that are against point to the natural cycles.

A number of recent global warming essays question the validity of man-made theories such as carbon dioxide emissions as the sole cause of climate change. In these cases, the global warming essay writer points to proof that carbon dioxide is not the only thing causing global warming. While man-made gases do play a significant part in greenhouse gas emissions, there are natural cycles involved as well. The point is that this evidence does not prove that greenhouse gas emissions are the sole cause.

The argument for man-made climate changes is simple. According to them, it is much more difficult to change the Earth’s temperature than it is to change the temperature of water. Thus, it is more likely that man will be able to change the Earth’s climate over time. It is also assumed that man-made emissions have already caused global warming. These are supposed to be the main factors that are changing the Earth’s temperature. They argue that man-made greenhouse gases, which include carbon dioxide, need to be altered to counteract these effects.

In this global warming essay, some writers consider how the concept of man-made global warming differs from the theory of evolution. They note that there is no evidence for evolution and that the theory of evolution has been repeatedly proven to be incorrect. On the other hand, there are millions of scientists who believe that man-made global warming is real. They note that evidence of warming for recent years has been found to be consistent with the theory of greenhouse gas increases. The hypothesis behind this warming is that the Earth’s average surface temperature has been steadily increasing over the past century.

In this global warming essay, there are specific claims that the global warming phenomenon is occurring. The writer gives examples of how evidence of warming has been found in various places around the world. He uses specific graphs and historical data to show that the rise in atmospheric temperature is slowly and evenly distributed over time. Other forms of evidence include ice cores which show that the Earth’s temperature has been slowly increasing over the last century and the tree rings which show a steady growth in growth of tree leaves over the last half a century.

This global warming essay is not a scientific piece of writing. It is more an argument about why the phenomenon is occurring. One could say that it is the result of mankind’s desire to control nature.

When it comes to this topic, most global warming essays focus on the impact of man-made greenhouse gas emissions on the earth’s climate. It also touches on the danger that these emissions have brought about. There are debates as to how fast this global warming trend will continue and what can be done about it. Some believe that a slow rate of global warming will be better because it will allow mankind to adapt to a changing climate. Others feel that things must be done immediately because if it continues at the present rate, it will be too late.